My teaching philosophy is fairly simple; try to get the student to realize his or her musical and creative potential.

Every client is different and each has different goals and expectations. Some of my clients want to pursue music as a career, most just want to add music as an enhancement to their lives. Whatever their desires, I work with them to develop their talents.

I love music and I love what music has added to my life. I love to share what music has done for me. One of the main things music has done for me is provided me with an outlet for emotions, a way to relax in a sometimes maddening world. Music definitely helps lighten my load.

Each student is an individual and I tailor the instruction to the individual’s needs and desires. I have many lessons that I think all students need in order to provide a firm foundation for continued learning. Beyond these initial sessions, all mentoring is geared toward individual goals.

I also encourage Creativity. I try to get my students to compose their own musical ideas and develop this very important aspect of individual expression.

I do not have “recitals”. I do think performance is a vital part of musical learning and from time to time performance opportunities are available to those who choose to participate. I like to document progress through recording.

I love to learn. If there is one main thing I want to pass on it would be the love of learning new things and taking on new challenges. I am always learning and pushing myself to add to my repertoire. I still learn a few tunes every month and it is still very rewarding when I finally “get it”.