Audio and Music Production – tracking, automated mixing, digital editing, and mastering. Producer/ Engineer/ Musician supplied.

Location Recording – concerts, speeches, home (yours) recording, video/film sound, interviews, etc.

Multi-track Digital Recording –  record nearly unlimited channels of digital audio via Digital Performer 10. Recording and mixing capabilities are truly incredible. 

Midi Programming and Editing – unlimited tracks, hundreds of musical instrument voices, thousands of samples to choose from via Motu Mach Five 3Drums via Addictive Drums 2.

Sheet Music – Publishing quality sheet music printout available via Sibelius 6.

Music Composition – for soundtracks, theatre, lyrics, video games, web sites, etc.

SFX & Sound Design – search our database of thousands of sound effects (sfx) in our current collection or have new ones created.   

Analog to Digital Audio Transfers – covert vinyl discs, cassettes, or reel to reel tape to CD.

Video Production – need a Youtube video? want to see what you look like singing or playing? Want to put a lecture on CD/DVD or on the web?  I  have DSLR cameras and Final Cut Pro 10 editing software which allows  to do some pretty nifty stuff. See Demos for some examples.

Video Tape Formats to DVD  – convert VHS or 8mm formats to DVD.

Digital Audio Editing – remove unwanted artifacts, minimize noise, eq, compress, normalize,  apply fades etc. Convert to internet formats.

Compact Disc Mastering – get your program ready for the duplication house, smooth out the over all sound of the record, eq if necessary,  maximize digital levels, sequence song order, adjust relative levels of songs, burn duplication master.  

CD / DVD Duplication – need just a few or a whole lot of copies ? no problem. On disc color printing available.