My clients include Guitarists, Bassists, Vocalists, Keyboardists, Songwriters, Musicians, and the General Public. They currently range in age from six to seventy-five.

Guitar – My main instrument is the Guitar. I use Acoustic, Electric, and Classical guitars in Performance, Recording, and Teaching.

Styles include Blues, Jazz, Rock, Country, Fingerstyle, and Classical.

Bass – I have performed and recorded extensively on Bass guitar.

Keyboard – I have a theoretical knowledge of the keyboard and use it for programming computer based music. I also mentor beginning keyboardists. 

Voice – I have been singing since I was three, about 61 years now. I have performed and recorded extensively as Lead Vocalist. I enjoy developing my clients most versatile instrument.

I teach introductory / intermediate; ukulele, banjo, mandolin, cornet, trombone, and percussion. 

Digital Music Production (Recording) Computer Based Recording is the way music is created these days and the tools I use are “State of the Art”. I help my clients record their work. I also help my clients learn how to record their own work and creations. I use Digital Performer 10 (Audio), Final Cut Pro 10 (Video). I also use Garage Band and iMovie.

Notation Reading and Music Theory – I read music and encourage my clients to do the same. I have a firm foundation in Music Theory and enjoy working with clients to enhance their knowledge in this important area.

Jazz Improvisation – One of my favorite things to do is improvise Jazz. I can help any instrumentalist become a better improviser.

Music Composition and Basic Arranging I have composed hundreds of pieces of instrumental music in widely varying styles. I help my clients with their creations.

Songwriting – I have written a couple of hundred songs (I define a song as a melody with lyrics) over my my career. I help my clients refine their craft.

Look under Demos for examples of my instrumental and songwriting work.

Sessions are usually on location in studio here in Pawnee, IL.

Sessions are available via Zoom / FaceTime / Skype  for those clients not geographically convenient.

Adult and Advanced sessions are usually One Hour per week. Younger students usually take Half Hour sessions.

Please contact me via email for pricing.