Welcome to the “Taylor Music” website.

Taylor Music is not a music store. It is the name I use for my business activities. My name is Michael Taylor. Thank you for visiting my site.

This year I am celebrating 40 years of doing business in Central Illinois. I am also celebrating 50 years of playing guitar. Yep, I’ve been at this for a while.

Recently I was featured on the Pawnee, Il Historical blog. Here’s a link to the article : https://www.pawneeil.net/historical-blog/archives/01-2023

In my career I have worked in many areas of the music and production businesses: Performance, Composition, Songwriting, Recording, Producing, Video Creation, and Business Management. I help my clients with their needs in these areas of endeavor.

Mentoring My main focus these days is Music Education (Private Lessons). I work with individuals in one-on-one sessions in order to help them attain their musical goals. I share my knowledge acquired through sixty some odd years of experience. I teach introductory / advanced guitar, ukulele, bass guitar and voice. I teach introductory piano, violin, banjo, mandolin, trombone, cornet and percussion. I also teach songwriting, music composition, and digital recording.

Philosophy My ideas about teaching and my musical preferences are detailed.

Styles Provides you with an overview of the types of music I have spent time with.

Biography Read only if you want to know more about my life experiences. 

Demos Examples of my work.

Production Other services I can provide that are separate from mentoring.

MT Thoughts My occasionally updated blogpost.

mt@tioli.com If you have any questions, please contact me. 

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“Music helps lighten the load.” Jimmie Rodgers – Father Of Country Music

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